Adventures With Words is proud to present our first ever live event and podcast recording, The Great British Book Off, part of the Lightbulb Festival of the Arts.

What’s your favourite Great British Book?  The Great British Book Off is here to celebrate the books that have made Britain great!

Hosted by Robert Chilver of Adventures With Words, an invited panel of big names and familiar faces from Colchester’s arts, culture and political scenes will be advocating their favourite British book, explaining why they think it’s a Great British classic, and reading their favourite section.  You’ll then get the chance to vote – which book is the greatest?  The winning panellist will be awarded the inauragural Great British Book-Off certificate.

We’d love you to come along and join in the fun.

The Great British Book Off: Volume One

Where? Lightbulb Festival, 15 Queen Street, Colchester
When? Saturday 13th July, from 12pm to 1.30pm.
How much? FREE!
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Dorian Kelly
WISE CHILDREN by Angela Carter
Founder and director of The Guerrilla Shakespeare Company, Dorian is amongst many things a professional stage lighting designer, exhibition designer, community projects leader, theatre director, as well as theatre consultant, scenic designer, production electrician, pyrotechnician, scriptwriter, rigger, and lecturer on theatre technology and performance art.
Jo Coldwell
WISH HER SAFE AT HOME by Stephen Benatar
Jo's love of reading doesn't stop at books.  It includes her lining up shampoo bottles in the bath and reading cornflake ingredients over breakfast.   Her love of reading is generally book related and particularly of literary fiction.    In a bid to meet like minded worms she started Appetite Book Club in 2005 which has since had a minimum of 30 people meeting monthly over a 2 course supper and a glass of wine (to loosen the tongue).
Peter Butler
DUNCTON WOOD by William Horwood
The son of an internationally successful dress designer and fine artist, Peter has proved his credentials in the art world himself, with a career in Graphic Design and Art spanning 25 years. He set up his own design and illustration company Stepjump Design, and has worked on campaigns for Guinness, Coca-Cola, and other international brands.
Ben Locker
Ben Locker is the Colchester-based co-founder of the Professional Copywriters' Network, a thriving 700-strong association for freelance and agency copywriters. In 2006, Ben set up his own copywriting business and has since written for and trained blue-chip companies and small businesses in the UK, Germany, the US, India and Russia.
Theresa Higgins
Theresa Higgins has been a councillor for 14 years representing the great ward of New Town. She has many interests including needlework; sport including cricket, swimming , archery and paralympic sports, cycling and history. Her reading tastes include detective stories and biographies, whether fictional or non-fictional.

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